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I have slow-worms in my garden, do I need to do anything for them?

Firstly, note down the areas they are commonly seen in; these might be near compost heaps, among/near log piles or underneath patio slabs. Slow-worms prefer to warm up underneath objects rather than basking out in the open. Once you've identified these areas you need to ensure that you continue to maintain them as they are. If these features disappear, so might the slow-worms. You can find more information on maintaining your garden for reptiles by visiting our Dragons in your Garden section.

Slow-worms, like all reptiles, need places to warm themselves, places to forage for food and places to shelter and hibernate in. They can often be found on/in compost heaps or under logs or garden detritus; if you have old carpet or tarpaulin covering your compost heap, this is particularly good for slow-worms. They spend much of their time foraging for invertebrates including slugs, ants and woodlice.

It's important to report your sightings to help build up local and national records of these declining species. Get in touch with your local Biological Record Centre and your local Amphibian and Reptile Group (ARG).

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