A Voice for Nature 

Since 2013, the Nature Champions initiative has partnered cross-party Members of the Scottish Parliament with threatened and iconic Scottish species and habitats. This exhibition, titled ‘A Voice for Nature’, highlights how past and present MSPs have been working with local communities and conservation organisations through the Nature Champions initiative to be a voice for nature in the Scottish Parliament, raising awareness of everything from the smallest pond mud snail to the mighty blue whale.

This exhibition also raises awareness of some of the extraordinary species and habitats that Scotland is home to, including those represented by MSPs in the Nature Champions initiative. Images and facts about Scottish species and habitats will be displayed alongside Nature Champions case studies and QR codes within the displays will link to short audio descriptions, using the voices of MSP Nature Champions to share information about species and habitats – thereby being a literal ‘voice for nature’ in the exhibition itself.

Through the exhibition, visitors can learn more about Scotland’s natural heritage, partnership working in conservation and the work that Members of the Scottish Parliament are undertaking as Nature Champions to protect and restore threatened and iconic species and habitats. 

Audio Transcripts

You can listen to all of the audio clips from the exhibition, as well as access the audio transcripts by clicking  here).

What are Nature Champions?

The Nature Champions initiative has been developed by Scottish Environment LINK to encourage Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to champion Scotland’s threatened and iconic species and habitats.

By becoming a Nature Champion, each MSP champions one or two species or habitats for the duration of that Parliamentary session. These species or habitats are usually present within an MSPs constituency or region, or they may simply have a particular interest in the conservation of that species or habitat!

Nature Champions are supported by relevant Scottish Environment LINK member organisations to get to know their species or habitat and the key issues affecting them. Many Nature Champions become a voice for their chosen species or habitat in the Scottish Parliament, and highlight them in debates, or through Parliamentary motions and questions.

Since its launch in 2013, the initiative has gone from strength to strength. As of July 2023, some 173 different MSPs have become Nature Champions over the past three Parliamentary sessions.

View Scotland’s current Nature Champions of this Parliamentary session, as well as the species and habitats that they are championing (click here). 

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