Want to help protect some of Britain's rarest wildlife?

The Sefton Coast is a biodiversity hotspot and is home to some of the UK's rarest plants and animals including the natterjack toad, sand lizard and northern dune tiger beetle.

The Gems in the Dunes project carries out important habitat management through the winter months to benefit these species, and come spring it is then time to see if all the hard work as paid off. This is done through surveying for these animals!

Species surveying is an important part of conservation work, without it we wouldn't know whether what we were doing was working! That is where you come in! The Gems in the Dunes project will be holding training days for volunteers who are keen to get involved with monitoring and recording Sefton coast's natterjack toads, sand lizards and northern dune tiger beetles. Those dates are:

  • Either, Thursday 4th April - 5pm-10pm - Natterjack toads
  • Or, Friday 5th April - 5pm-10pm - Natterjack toads
  • Or, Saturday 6th April - 5pm-10pm - Natterjack toads
  • Sunday 14th April - 10am-4pm - Sand lizards (with a follow up survey practice on Sunday 28th April 10am-1pm) This training day is now fully booked - if you are still interest then please email in as there may be scope for a second training session.
  • Tuesday 30th April - 10am - 4pm - Northern dune tiger beetles

All training days follow roughly the same format - we will spend the first half indoors looking at identification, ecology, survey techniques and recording. The second half will be spent on the sand dunes putting survey techniques to practice and looking at specimens in the field.

As our training days are free and spaces are limited- we do ask for some commitment to surveying from participants. We run led survey sessions every Thursday during survey season and also organise structured surveys that volunteers can carry out at times that suit them.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, please get in touch on 01704 571 575, email [email protected] or head to the Gems in the Dunes Facebook Group.