An impressive 273 species records were made during a recent ‘bioblitz’ at the ARC-managed Broxhead Common in Hampshire.

More than 100 members of the public joined ecologists, rangers and volunteers from the Heathlands Reunited Partnership, including the ARC team, in a 24-hour biological survey to record the living species within the designated area.

The event helped people to reconnect with nature – including nightjars, moths, butterflies, bees, ants and wasps as well as ARC’s favourite, amphibians and reptiles. Two nationally rare spiders were recorded on the day too: Kochiura aulicus and Zelotes petrensis.

Asked what they enjoyed about the day, participants said: ‘Learning about the animals in the area I walk’; ‘Walk around heathlands and holding toads and snakes’; ‘Knowledge of the talks expert’; ‘The information tents’; ‘Expert advice and knowledge’; ‘Communal walk in a place not visited before’.

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For anyone who missed the bioblitz but would like to explore Broxhead, the ARC team is offering a guided walk on Saturday 29 June 2019.  Find details at: .