Highlands, 17th June 2024. National wildlife charity, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) is thrilled to announce the newest character joining their adopt-a-pond schools programmes: Losgy an Losgann!

The delightful name, chosen by enthusiastic nursery school pupils from Ullapool, emerged victorious in a recent naming contest aimed at fostering engagement and excitement among young ecologists. The competition was in partnership with the Highland Ranger Service through their ‘Puddles to Ponds’ schools pond dipping project.

The Tadpole Pack aims to educate children about the importance of amphibians and reptiles in our ecosystems. Losgy an Losgann (an Losgann is Gaelic for the frog) will serve as a fun and educational mascot, guiding young students through the wonders of pond life and the crucial role these habitats play in biodiversity.

The nursery school pupils, whose creativity and imagination shone through in their winning entry, will be celebrated with a special award ceremony and the receiving of a large Squishmallow™ frog for the classroom. This event underscores the commitment of ARC to involve communities and inspire the next generation of conservationists.

Janet Ullman of the SSAARs project said:

 It was so hard to choose a winner from all the names that were sent in, there was so many imaginative and beautiful names. The winner was chosen by vote by ARC Trust staff, volunteers, trustees and Highland Rangers and everyone found it hard to choose just one favourite.

The Tadpole pack and Champhibians Scottish education programmes provides hands-on learning experiences, allowing children to adopt and care for local ponds. Through this, they learn about the lifecycle of amphibians, the importance of preserving natural habitats, and the actions they can take to protect these vital ecosystems.

To celebrate the launch of Losgy an Losgann, ARC is organizing a series of fun and educational activities, including interactive workshops, pond visits, and storytelling sessions. These events aim to deepen children's understanding of amphibian and reptile conservation in an engaging and memorable way.

For more information about the ‘Champhibian’ programme and upcoming events, please visit our Champhibians Page. You can also find more educational resources on our Education Page.