Wales Amphibian and Reptile Project

In 2012 a new ground breaking project began, dedicated to the conservation of Welsh dragons (amphibians and reptiles) and the habitats they depend on, funded by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), now Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Read more

Resilient Ecosystems Fund

This project focused on grass-roots proactive habitat creation. The project aims were to address colony isolation, linking populations by creating further suitable habitat. Read more

Million Ponds Project

The first phase of the Million Ponds Project, funded by the Tubney Trust and Biffaward, reached a successful conclusion. The project, coordinated by Pond Conservation (now Freshwater Habitats Trust) and involving Amphibian and Reptile Conservation as a lead partner, helped to create over 1000 ponds to benefit Biodiversity Action Plan species across England and Wales. Read more

Connecting London’s Amphibian and Reptile Environments (CLARE)

The CLARE project ran between June 2011 and July 2012 and campaigned for a wider public participation and education in wildlife recording and a raised profile and understanding of amphibians and reptiles and their distribution within Greater London. Read more

Scottish project

Getting more people involved in amphibian and reptile conservation in Scotland. Read more

Sliding scales

Sliding Scales was created to rectify negative perceptions of snakes and increase awareness of their conservation issues. Read more

Promoting Cumbria’s Natterjack Heritage

Promoting Cumbria’s Natterjack Heritage had two main aims; the first was to increase awareness and understanding of natterjack toads and their habitats within the rural community, the second was to build a network of volunteer natterjack toad recorders in Cumbria. Read more