Guidance for volunteers attending ARC practical conservation tasks

Updated: 14/10/2020

After a long break we are finally able to restart our volunteering activities. At the moment, Covid restrictions mean that we are generally keeping to a maximum of 15 people (vols and staff) on each task site, this may change due to the nature of the site or task and local restrictions. You will have to observe certain precautions and bring some additional items with you. Providing refreshments will be down to the task leader please be prepared to bring your own hot drinks as well as lunch.

Any questions please contact your task leader.

Should you come

At present we are not universally operating a booking system but would appreciate you letting us know if you plan to attend a task. If you or a member of your household has any Covid symptoms or currently has Covid as confirmed by a positive test then you must not come. If you are in one or more of the higher risk categories associated with Covid, have been shielding or have a person in this situation in your household then please think carefully about whether you should attend. You will be asked to sign in and provide contact details to help with contact tracing if needed.

What to bring

In addition to the standard items: stout footwear, work clothes and waterproofs you will need to bring:

  • Food, snacks & drinks for breaks and lunch.
  • A basic First Aid kit, suitable for treating minor cuts, scratches, splinters, etc.
  • Hand sanitiser and/or sanitising wipes.


If you arrive at the parking area at the same time as others please be courteous and allow them to social distance before leaving your vehicle. If space is limited the task leader will direct you to, or will have signed, a suitable meeting area to wait prior to the group moving off to the worksite.


If you are a regular volunteer you may be given tools/gloves to keep for the duration of this pandemic, please remember to bring them with you for each task you attend. Otherwise you will be allocated a bowsaw, loppers and possibly other tools at the start of the day. You should keep these with you and not share them with anyone, except another member of your household.

When you return a tool at the end of the day or because it is defective, please ensure it is placed in the “handled” tools area. In the case of a defective tools please let the leader know.

Tools which previously would have been shared, e.g. pitchforks, will now be allocated to a person. They should not be used by another person until they have been sanitised.

Distancing on site

Please respect the 2 metre rule at all times while on site. At pinch points, around the bonfire etc. if need be step aside and allow the other person space. You may find the task leader has defined one or more one-way routes please follow these. You may be asked to wear a mask if distancing is tricky, such as at the meet point.

Cut material

Until the person supervising the fire gives you permission to load the fire directly, please stack material as instructed. When stacking material ready for burning keep it at a safe distance from the fire and leave adequate space to allow social distancing with other volunteers brining in material. Follow the one way system if one has been set up.


Remember you should wash / sanitise your hands before you handle food, drink and before touching anything that will be in contact with or near to your mouth, nose or eyes. Maintain 2m social distance during break times.

First Aid

Please be prepared to administer basic first aid to yourself. If you need an item from the First Aid kit ask the First Aider or the task leader.

If you develop Covid symptoms while on task, notify the leader immediately and leave the task site.


When you leave site, please maintain social distancing until you have entered your vehicle. If space in the parking area is limited then wait at a suitable location until it is safe to approach.