The following resources are intended for ARC's active 'Snakes in the Heather' project Reptile Surveyors who have undertaken training and hold a European Protected Species (EPS) accreditation under ARC's organisational licence issued by Natural England (or hold a personal licence issued by Natural England).

Health and safety information:

Emergency Contact Information

Health and Safety Information

Untrained/Unlicensed Survey Volunteer Questionnaire

ARC Protected Species Licensing & Volunteer Agreement Terms

ARC Volunteer Codes of Best Practice

ARC Volunteer Lone Workers Form

ARC Generic Risk Assessment for Working Outdoors

Reptile Surveyor On Site Vehicle Notification 2020 - SitH Forestry England sites

Amphibian Disease Precautions: UK Fieldworkers Guide

Lyme disease and tick advice - Lyme Disease Action

Tick Bites and Lymes Disease - New Forest District Council

Ticks/Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis & Weil's Disease - Dorset Wildlife Trust

Lyme Disease - NHS

Encephalitis - NHS

Leptospirosis - NHS

Meeting an Unfamiliar Dog - RSPB


GPS Device Instructions

ViewRanger Instructions

Survey documents:

Carrying Out Your Survey

ARC Species Recording Guidelines

Species Record Form

Reptile Handling Photography & Measurement

ARC Reptile Slough Gene Bank Information

ARC Reptile Slough Gene Bank Envelope Label

Training resources:

Reptile identification - training slides

Reptile ecology - training slides

Reptile survey - training slides

Reptile survey methodology - training slides

ARC snake identification poster

ARC reptile identification guide

ARC amphibian identification guide

ARC Privacy Policy:

ARC Privacy Policy

Please contact the Snakes in the Heather Citizen Science & Operations Officer if you have any questions or require additional information.

Tel (ARC office): 01202 391 319
Email: [email protected]