On 13th January we had a visit from Ralph Connolly, a representative of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC). ARC kindly agreed to talk to the children about the different amphibians and reptiles which we have in the UK, focusing greatly on the local natterjack toads. The children were all given the opportunity to hold a common toad and a natterjack toad, and ask questions about how we can protect them.

The children have since completed lots of work based on the natterjack toad and the conservation of them. In Literacy, Apple Class have written persuasive letters and Oak Class have made factual leaflets for the community. We have considered their life cycles and preferred habitats in Science and designed a pond is Design and Technology. The children have also been working really hard to create beautiful artwork inspired by the natterjack toad and ARC’s visit.

Lizzie Soal