ARC is launching a new giving club for individuals who are able and willing to donate £5,000 or more per year to Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

Charities of the size and ambition of ARC need to cater for individuals who have the ability and passion for the cause to donate £5,000+ of unrestricted or core funding. We want such donors to feel their major level of support is recognised.

We are now looking for our first ARC Guardian, and would like them to feel they have a say in shaping the club going forward.


Our aims in creating this club are simple. To:

  • Encourage existing donors to uplift to major level donations
  • Welcome new donors giving at this level as their first donation to ARC
  • Recognise and thank major level donors
  • Provide a forum for major donors to invite their contacts with a view to joining the club


The benefits of joining the club include all benefits that ARC Friends receive, plus:

  • Lifetime Friend of ARC
  • Invitation to ARC Guardians events
  • Opportunity to meet with ARC Trustees


We recognise that some donors, particularly at the £5,000+ level, do not wish their donation to be mentioned in publically available information. Just being able to say that ARC has received its first donations at ARC Guardians level, without giving names, is valuable in itself, as it leads the way for others to join the club. Please let us know your preferences.

Do you know someone who might be willing and able to join ARC Guardians, or perhaps you are in a position to do so yourself? Our founding ARC Guardian will be setting a great example for others to follow.

For more information and to join the club, please email: [email protected]