Garden Dragon Watch is ARC's garden herpetofauna (reptile and amphibian) survey. Gardens can provide important habitats for reptiles and amphibians. We want to find out more about the reptiles and amphibians that people find in their gardens and how many gardens have habitat that benefit them. Are gardens in some parts of the UK especially rich in amphibians and reptiles?

By taking part, you can help us gather information that will inform our conservation work and the advice that we give that helps amphibians and reptiles. Exploring your garden to learn more about the wildlife that lives there is fun and you don’t need a lot of time to do our survey.

What's in your garden? How to do the survey

Simply spend a few minutes carefully looking in your garden and tell us about your garden and what you find by filling in the form below. If you are using a mobile device, or the form below does not load correctly, please click here to open a standalone form.

We suggest around 10 minutes of searching, but you can adjust the amount of time to suit your own garden and the time you have available. You can do the survey once or many times.  Ideally repeat the survey from time to time, perhaps once a week and try to spend roughly the same time each time you do the survey.

Tips on where and how to look

Look in places where these animals are likely to be found such as in or around a pond, compost heaps, at the bottom of a hedge or garden borders, near log or rock piles etc. Move quietly, trying not to disturb the wildlife and do not pick up or handle any animals you find.

How the data will be used

Your contribution will help us to map garden reptiles and amphibians and we will report back on what people are finding. Check out the results at the bottom of this web page regularly to see how the picture is changing and discover how what you have seen in your garden compares with what others are seeing.

We will share the data for conservation purposes with our partners. You can find out more about how we use and share survey data, and how we store and manage your personal data on our policies page.

Help and resources

If you’re new to amphibians and reptiles, why not do our Garden Bitesize course? This will show you how to recognise the species you are most likely to see in the garden and how to find them. This is one of many free courses you can do on-line and at your own pace about amphibian and reptile species that are native to the UK. If you would like to find out more about reptiles and amphibians in gardens and how to help them by taking a look at our Dragons in your Garden leaflet.

The results so far