Winter worries

We answer some of your FAQs about how cold weather affects our amphibians and their spawn.Read more

Happy New Year for Reptiles at Hankley Common

ARC's Hankley Common reserve in Surrey to increase to four and half times its current size.Read more

Hampshire man pleads guilty to damaging newt habitat

A rare case of wildlife law enforcement in action in December 2018 saw a Hampshire man plead guilty to damaging great crested newt habitat.Read more

Free online check to safeguard biodiversity

A free online tool has been launched to help householders and developers considering a planning application check whether they are likely to need expert ecological advice.Read more

North Wales natterjacks win green award

ARC’s work to reintroduce natterjack toads in Flintshire has won a prestigious green awardRead more

PhD on effects of climate change, disease and invasives on UK amphibians

PhD opportunity for an aspiring amphibian researcher working with the University of Plymouth, ZSL and ARC.Read more

Still time to save Britain’s amphibians and reptiles

ARC's response to The Living Planet Report 2018 from the World Wide Fund for NatureRead more

Halloween fun facts and myth-busting!

We’ve pulled together nine interesting Halloween-themed and myth-busting facts to help show that amphibans and reptiles are fascinating not frightening!Read more

Home-from-home for Britain’s rarest lizard

When Paul Hudson decided to move house he had an unusual requirement: he also needed a home for sand lizards.Read more