Help protect our amphibians from disease

New advice on Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans fungus.Read more

Partnership project releases Britain’s rarest lizard back into the wild

A sand lizard conservation partnership led by Marwell Wildlife and ARC, has released 80 juvenile sand lizards onto Eelmoor Marsh SSSI, near Farnborough.Read more

Researchers propose grass snake re-classification

New research paper proposes a revision to grass snake taxonomy.Read more

The RACE is on to protect Europe's Herps

Reptile Amphibian Conservation Europe (RACE): a new European foundation is establishedRead more

Snake fungal disease identified in wild British snakes for first time

Study finds emerging fungal pathogen amongst European snake populationsRead more

A quarter century of saving sand lizards

New paper: Outcomes and lessons from a quarter of a century of sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) reintroductions in southern England.Read more

Help protect Dorset's heathlands

The Urban Heath Partnership launched ‘Operation Heathlands’ for 2017Read more

Sssuper news for Snakes in the Heather

The Snakes in the Heather project aims to learn more about the country’s most secretive reptile, and protect its dwindling habitatsRead more

Changes on the way for great crested newt mitigation

Major changes to the way Natural England regulates development impacts on great crested newts.Read more