New study suggests Asian origin of 'amphibian killer fungus'

The results of an international study of the 'amphibian killer fungus' Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) have just been published, which point to south-east Asia as the likely origin .Read more

New project: Connecting the Dragons - Cysylltu’r Dreigiau

Priority species in South Wales win National Lottery funding - Rhywogaethau â Blaenoriaeth yn ennill cyllid gan y Loteri GenedlaetholRead more

Is the smooth snake having a rough time?

Community Survey: We would like to hear from anyone living in Great Britain who has an interest in wildlife !Read more

‘Dragons’ released on Farnham Heath this St George’s Day

Captive bred juvenile sand lizards released at the RSPB’s Farnham Heath nature reserve as part of ARC’s long-term conservation project for this fascinating but endangered species.Read more

Sand lizard and pool frog appear on new stamps!

Royal Mail launches a set of stamps celebrating reintroduced species today.Read more

New book launched today!

Amazing Animals, Brilliant Science; how DNA technology is being used to help save Scotland's wildlifeRead more

Signs of Spring

As the weather gradually starts to warm up there are signs of spring starting to appear all around us.Read more

Wild Britain

ARC helps with filming for exciting new wildlife series Wild BritainRead more

Winter worries

We answer some of your FAQs about how cold weather affects our amphibians and their spawn.Read more

Newly launched – the Adder Status Project 2012

A project to develop predictive models for the distribution and status of adders in the past (up to 2005), and present (2006-2011).Read more