Hop to it: caring for the common frog

Some say the common frog, our most familiar amphibian, is no longer quite so common.Read more

Herp Workers’ Meeting 2019

Jim Foster, ARC Conservation Director give his round up of the Herp Workers’ Meeting 2019Read more

Fascinating toad phenology

What is happening with our frisky amphibian friends?Read more

Major core grant to ARC

The Garfield Weston Foundation has made a major grant to Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.Read more

On Course with ARC

Our experts will share their knowledge in a series of courses run in conjunction with the Field Studies Council (FSC) in 2019.Read more

Signs of Spring

As the weather gradually starts to warm up there are signs of spring starting to appear all around us.Read more

Paul's new lizard lounge

An impressive new 'home-from-home' for sand lizards is now complete.Read more

Improved home for reptiles on track at Burley railway

A former railway embankment in the New Forest is turning into a 'des-res' for reptiles.Read more

New great crested newt and sand lizard reports published

ARC specialists carry out studies for Natural Resources Wales.Read more

Winter worries

We answer some of your FAQs about how cold weather affects our amphibians and their spawn.Read more