Litter in the countryside – it’s rubbish for amphibians and reptiles too

Litter is ugly and unhealthy for people, but it can be fatal for our frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes. Read more

Great new(t)s for North Wales

Great crested newts are returning to a corner of north-east Wales, thanks to a partnership between ARC and Redrow. Read more

Thanks a billion to Stephen Green

Dr Stephen Green ran the 2019 London Marathon for ARC Read more

Wild about garden ponds

How important is the garden pond for wildlife such as amphibians and what can you do to make it more suitable for them? Read more

New tools and equipment for volunteers

Donation provides new tools for ARC volunteers. Read more

Investigate the mystery of the missing toad

Can you help to investigate the mysterious decline in populations of the common toad in Britain? Read more

Hop to it: caring for the common frog

Some say the common frog, our most familiar amphibian, is no longer quite so common. Read more

Herp Workers’ Meeting 2019

Jim Foster, ARC Conservation Director gives his round up of the Herp Workers’ Meeting 2019 Read more

Fascinating toad phenology

What is happening with our frisky amphibian friends? Read more

Major core grant to ARC

The Garfield Weston Foundation has made a major grant to Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. Read more