What’s been happening with Gems in the Dunes?

Project Manager, Fiona Sunners fills us in on what’s been happening with ARC's Gems in the Dunes project on the Sefton coast over the summer and what they've got planned for the winter season. Read more

#26Wild - Smooth snake piece by Rebecca Dowman

26 Wild is a wonderful writing project in praise of some of our most endangered wildlife. Read more

New era for nature needed for UK

ARC, along with 26 other nature charities across the UK, is urging government to begin a ‘new era for nature’, following UN Global Biodiversity Outlook GBO-5 Read more

Rare sighting of Jersey grass snake eating a toad photographed

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Two hundred baby sand lizards released at Puddletown Forest

Exceptional breeding year gives much needed boost to efforts to return the UK’s rarest lizard Read more