Chris Packham

Chris Packham, renowned naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author, became a patron of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in August 2013. Chris, who grew up in Southampton and still lives locally, got to know the amphibians and reptiles in the area at an early age. Close encounters as a child helped foster his lifelong enthusiasm for the species.

Here’s what Chris has to say:

We don’t have the richest range of reptiles and amphibians in the world but those that do grace our shores are some of the most exciting, enigmatic and attractive species that we have in the UK. They are often difficult to get to know, which makes them a challenge. Sadly most are under threat with declining populations, which means we need to work harder to protect them. Surprisingly their habits are still not fully known, which means more work must be done with increasing urgency. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation seeks to address these issues whilst bringing this fabulous guild of animals to wider public attention which is why I'm a very keen supporter and pleased to be a patron. That and the fact that grass snakes are one of my favourite animals on earth!

ARC is thrilled that Chris has joined us as a patron and we look forward to working with him in the future to help conserve our native amphibians and reptiles.

Iolo Williams

Iolo Williams (best known recently for being an established presenter as part of the Springwatch/Autumwatch Team) agreed to become a Patron for ARC in Dec 2013.

A former RSPB Officer, Iolo specialises in birds but is also passionate about wildlife conservation and supports a number of other charities such as Butterfly Conservation and Plantlife. He appears regularly on S4C and on the Radio and has made a number of programmes with the BBC.

Here’s what Iolo has to say:

I am delighted to be invited to be a patron of ARC. Through my media work, I have been aware for quite some time of the excellent work undertaken by ARC to protect and enhance our countryside for amphibians and reptiles, and to educate the public. Having grown up amongst grass snakes, slow worms, frogs, toads and newts in mid-Wales, I know how important it is to ensure that the next generation of conservationists appreciate the wildlife around them and that we make sure that the plants and animals are there for them to enjoy.

Iolo is a leading advocate of wildlife in Wales and beyond! He will be a great ambassador for ARC’s work in Wales and in promoting “Welsh Dragons” at all levels.

ARC is very excited about working with Iolo and together we hope to bring Amphibian and Reptile Conservation to the fore in Wales alongside our Welsh Officers Mark Barber and Peter Hill.