Thanks to the generosity of donors, we have successfully reached our target of £200,000 allowing us to buy 20 hectares of heathland at Blackmoor near Bordon in Hampshire, following a year-long fundraising appeal.

Blackmoor is part of Woolmer Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest, an area that is unique in Britain, and of special significance to ARC, in that it supports twelve of the UK’s reptile and amphibian species including the rare smooth snake, sand lizard and natterjack toad. These UK native species have suffered population decline due to habitat loss or fragmentation – hence the importance of safeguarding key locations such as this.  

In addition to the many generous individuals giving their support, ARC would like to thank the following charitable trusts for their donations: The Banister Charitable Trust, Marjorie Coote Animal Charity Trust, The Marsh Christian Trust, The William Dean Countryside and Educational Trust, and The William Haddon Charitable Trust. In addition, the purchase was supported by The British Herpetological Society and the South Downs National Park Authority in contributing planning obligation funds.

Thank you one and all! 

The appeal has reached its target and is now closed.