Mandy Cartwright, ARC's North Wales Officer introduces our newest site!

I have been kept very busy working with housing developer Redrow on securing a site that has been put aside for great crested newts.  The site has been named White Lion after the pub that previously stood on the site before the area was re-developed. It houses six ponds; one pond that sits on bedrock, and five newly created ponds. 

Site residents include grass snakes, hedgehogs and butterflies.  It has no public access, but I will be organising various activities and volunteer opportunities for those who would like to come onto the site and see why it is so special.

This project is a perfect example of sustainable conservation.  Housing development provides a financial opportunity to enhance wildlife corridors, maintain ponds and other habitats for the benefit of the great crested newt and biodiversity as a whole.  I am continuing to work with various organisations to secure more sites in both North Wales and Cheshire.