Following the State of Nature reports in 2013 and 2016, leading professionals from more than 70 wildlife organisations have joined with government agencies for the first time, to present the clearest picture to date of the status of our species across land and sea.

ARC contributed data to State of Nature 2019 and is proud to have been a co-author in this important initiative since the partnership first reported in 2013. State of Nature 2019 has analysed data on a huge number of species to show how wildlife across the UK and its overseas territories is faring, the pressures it faces and what conservation organisations are doing to help precious species and habitats.  Abundance and distribution of UK species has declined, on average by 13% since 1970 and many measures show declines that have continued during the most recent decade.  Pressures on nature, such as agricultural management, climate change, urbanisation, hydrology and pollution are also of great concern for our amphibians and reptiles.  It is more important than ever that we are effective in addressing these challenges, and this comprehensive report also shows positive examples of how some species have responded to help and what everybody, from individuals to organisations can do to ensure a brighter future for our wildlife.

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