Reintroductions and captive breeding

We work with government, wildlife charities, landowners, scientists and others when we undertake reintroductions. Read more

Saving species: Smooth snakes

ARC is currently finalising the Species Action Plan, monitoring and re-introduction plans to enhance the conservation status of this species. Read more

Saving habitats

ARC saves habitats in a number of ways. Read more

UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation is working with a range of initiatives to improve how biodiversity processes can benefit herpetofauna. Read more


ARC is a member of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, a network that brings together Non-Governmental Organisations and institutions involved with furthering conservation of the natural heritage in the Overseas Territories. Read more

In Europe

Through our founding organisations we have had a long history of involvement promoting and co-ordinating conservation work on amphibians and reptiles throughout Europe. Read more

Saving species: Sand lizards

The captive breeding programme involves a range of organisations including ARC, government agencies, volunteers, Marwell Wildlife, Chester Zoo and the Institute of Zoology. Read more

Saving species: Pool frogs

Originally there was much debate over the status of this species in the UK, but it has since been declared native. How this once extinct amphibian was reintroduced to East Anglia Read more