As well as being an important site for reptiles, several heathland specialist invertebrate species are found on the site. Read more

Broxhead Common

A rich mosaic of heathland, acid grassland and secondary woodland, which supports sand lizards, rare heathland birds, and nationally rare invertebrate species. Read more

Canford Cliffs

Canford Cliffs a small reserve in a stunning coastal location, with the introduced wall lizard being a very prominent species. Read more

Chatley Heath

Nestled within the Thames Basin Heaths SPA, Chatley Heath is an internationally important area for birds, and provides a haven for our native reptiles, which can also now expand into the newly restored adjacent heathland at Ockham Common. Read more

Churt Valley and Plateau

Part of a landscape network of connected sites managed by organisations including Waverley Council and the National Trust this site supports all six native reptile species after successful reintroductions of sand lizards and smooth snakes. Read more

Clouds Hill

Clouds Hill, located within the Bovington tank training area has now become the ideal environment for sand lizard breeding. Read more

Corfe Bluff

Corfe Bluff is a small piece of heath hidden away in the beautiful surroundings of the Purbecks. Read more

Corfe Hills East

Corfe Hills East is a small block of heath located to the north Poole with a mix of dry heath and Molinia grassland. Read more

Cranes Moor Bog

Cranes Moor Bog is a medium sized site, unique amongst ARC’s reserves. Read more

Creech Heath

An excellent large piece of heath located in a stunning surrounding over looked by the Purbeck Ridge. A great place to visit to find some truly rare heathland species. Read more