Natur am Byth Adder Action will work across Wales to help understand and begin to address the recent (and potentially urgent) declines in adder populations, thus hopefully helping the species along its recovery curve. There are several main objectives of Adder Action: 

  1. Collaborate with other Natur am Byth projects, partners and volunteers to ensure any planned habitat works are considerate of the needs of adder populations and, where relevant, adder-positive features are integrated in to project planning.

  2.  Engage with project volunteers and local communities to: 
    -  Generate adder records. 
    -  Carry out structured surveys. 
    -  Assess attitudes to adders and raise awareness. 

  3. Collect adder sloughs (shed skins) for an investigation of genetic fitness by an MSc student at Bangor University who will use the latest genomic techniques to assess potential genetic issues in Wales’ adders.

  4. Work with the Natur am Byth central communications team on a series of events to increase the knowledge of adders and raise awareness within local communities.

  5. Carry out habitat work in a few key areas that will benefit important adder populations e.g. Swansea Bay.


For any questions regarding the project or information on how to get involved, please contact the project delivery officer: [email protected]

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