Ben is walking the full Gower coastline in two days to raise funds for adder conservation!

Vipera Berus (The common European viper or adder) is an absolutely fascinating creature.

It is one of only three native snake species found in the UK and can be distinguished by its stocky appearance, 'zig-zag' stripe along it's back, flat triangular head shape and striking red eyes.

Although a hardy reptile and the most northernly member of the viper family, the adder falls victim to habitat loss and a fair share of misunderstanding and bad press.

Like any wild animals, adders should be treated with respect and admired from a distance that would be unlikely to disturb them.
Adders are peaceful and shy snakes and if disturbed their first line of defence is to move into near by cover and hide.

Adders are protected by law in Great Britain. It is illegal to intentionally kill or injure adders, or to trade in them.

For more information: here is a link to ARC’s Adder Guide – narrated by Chris Packham and Lolo Williams

And what is a fundraiser without a physical feat of some sort, aye?

Originally I had planned to walk the Gower coast line in a day; starting at Llanmadoc, moving into Whiteford national nature reserve and following the the coastal path to my finish line in Mumbles.

However, considering (according to a quick search on Google anyway) that this walk is usually planned over four to five days, it doesn't really leave much room for exploration.

And it is because of this that I have decided to split the walk over two days in order to actively explore and survey any areas of interest along the way.

This zig zagging over dunes and into less walked grounds has the potential to double my total distance over the two days. It also means that I'll be carrying extra water, food and camping equipment for an overnight stay.

I'll also have with me a camera to document and photograph the animals and scenery during my journey.

The money donated will go directly to ARC, to be used in their important work ensuring the conservation and education regarding this species Please consider giving the adder a helping hand by donating.

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Ben Baljak-johnson

Ben Baljak