John is 7 and a half years old and always had a passion for wildlife and wanting to make sure we look after all creatures great and small. From saving spiders in the house to making a home for nature in the garden. Reptiles have been a firm favourite aninal group for him, initially because they are most like dinosaurs!

We recently read the Animals of Farthing Wood and right from the beginning Adder was his favourite character. John ran a local 5km dressed as an adder as the start of his fundraising and has set himself a target to run 10km dressed as an adder! We are aiming for this to be at an event in Dorset in mid July. He has also sorted through toys that he no longer plays with and is selling these to also add to his fundraising. 

A few words from John...

I love reptiles and adders are my favourite British reptile. They need saving because their habitat is being lost and they have no where to go. I love adders because they are reptiles and they are always hungry and looking for a tasty snack. They spend their days basking, eating, basking, eating and drinking.

There are lots of interesting facts about adders:
- They are the only venomous snake in Britain and their venom can be used to make medicine to heal people. 
- They have live born young.
- Adders have a V shaped marking on their head.
- When fully grown they can measure between 60 and 80cm.

Find out more about adders on our adder species information page.

John Reynolds