The Garfield Weston Foundation has been increasing its annual core funding support for ARC since 2017, and has recently agreed a multi-year grant of £50,000 over two years. This is particularly valuable and unusual as the grant is for core funding rather than project funding. Core funding is the most challenging type of funding to secure at this scale, yet essential for charities such as ARC to function effectively.

ARC has grown in turnover in recent years, from an income of £1.2M in 2016 to £2M in 2020. Whilst this has of course been welcome, it brings challenges such as the need for staff continuity between projects supported by external funders, and an increase in enquiries from the public. These challenges can be overcome by increases in core funding, and we are grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation for understanding their role in supporting the continued overall expansion of ARC.

Another source of these vital unrestricted core funds is one off donations and ARC Membership subscriptions. You can join ARC from as little as £3 per month or make a donation to help us conserve the UK's disappearing amphibians and reptiles and the habitats on which they depend. 

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