11 Feb 2021

ARC's Snakes in the Heather Education Officer, Owain Masters, tells us about a new video series teaching primary school age children about reptiles.

At Amphibian and Reptile Conservation we know it is vital to inform, interest and involve the next generation in conservation of wildlife. With this in mind we have produced a series of video lessons for primary school aged children. These videos are to support home-schooling parents and produce a resource that teachers can use in the future. Watch them to learn about what makes our reptiles such fascinating animals whilst linking this to the curriculum for science.

The video lessons firstly explain what a reptile is and teach the names of all the wonderful lizards and snakes that live naturally in the UK. They then highlight UK reptiles as examples to revise concepts including habitats, food chains, how and why we group animals together, lifecycles and even why snakes evolved to lose their legs!

All the lessons are interactive and encourage calling out answers and lots of repetition, so it isn't necessary to be able to read bigger words to learn. Just press play and leave your learners to it! 

We have now uploaded all of the lessons to our YouTube channel in a playlist in the order below:

Video Lesson

Upload date (all are 2021)

Year Group

What is a reptile?

Friday 26th February

Curriculum linked for year 1 but suitable for years 2 – 6 as revision

Reptiles of the UK

Friday 26th February

This video is an introduction for years 2 to 6 that needs to be watched before the curriculum linked videos

Where do reptiles live and why?

Friday 5th March

Curriculum linked for year 2 but suitable for years 3 – 6 as revision

What do reptiles eat and why?

Friday 12th March

Curriculum linked for year 3 but suitable for years 4 – 6 as revision

Grouping snakes and lizards

Friday 19th March

Curriculum linked for year 4 but suitable for years 5 – 6 as revision

The lifecycles of snakes and lizards

Friday 26th March

Curriculum linked for year 5 but suitable for years 6 – 7 as revision

Why are snakes and lizards the way they are?

Friday 2nd April

Curriculum linked for year 6 but suitable for years 7- 8 as revision

These videos are curriculum linked for each year group but follow on from each other so can be watched in their entirety. We hope you find them useful. If you have any questions please email Owain on [email protected]


Funding for Education Officer time to produce these videos has been provided by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Snakes in the Heather project. For more information visit the project page.