Yesterday (25th July 2018), we celebrated, with a variety of partners, the unveiling of an information board at our North East Wales Reserve - The White Lion.  Working closely with Redrow, Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Flintshire County Council, TEP, Freshwater Habitat Trust and Building Wildlife - Amphibian and Reptile Conservation are proud to own and manage this nature reserve which benefits both people and wildlife. The reserve has a healthy amphibian population but also has other special residents such as water stick insects and the rare mud snail.

Previously the land had multiple uses: from an active quarry to a pub (where the name originates) and agricultural land which provided little wildlife value. Through planning, development, mitigation and compensation we now have a site that is rich in wildlife and provides opportunities for local people and communities to enjoy nature for years to come. We are working closely with Redrow to duplicate the opportunities which have been achieved at The White Lion nature reserve. at other sites  

As well as The white Lion we have a long term partnership with Flintshire County Council in managing other sites in North East Wales for the benefit of great crested newts and wider amphibian assemblage. 

We would like to thank Nick Thomas (NRW) for a fabulous speech, and Paul Sinclair (Redrow) for unveiling the board.