ARC has secured an official charity place in the London Marathon 2019. After a competitive application process for this place, we are delighted to announce that Dr Stephen Green will be our official runner at the event on Sunday 28th April 2019.

Stephen has been involved in the conservation of amphibians and reptiles for many years. He is based in Cornwall and is a Lecturer in Zoology at Cornwall College, Newquay. His work spans local and global herpetology, being both an active member of the Cornwall Reptile and Amphibian Group (CRAG), and taking groups of students to countries such as Hondoras.

One of the many benefits of ARC’s work is to improve people’s outdoor experience. Stephen says:

“Earlier this year my three year old son, Charles, joined us to survey a local site for reptiles. We were lucky enough to find several slow worms, a grass snake and an adder. The value of this experience to his young, developing mind is hard to measure or define, but it is these experiences that build our connection with the natural world and have inspired so much of the literature and art which we hold dear to us. Sadly, without increased efforts and interventions on our part, opportunities for future generations to encounter wild amphibians and reptiles are being lost. Whether Charles will be able to share this same experience with his children one day in the future depends entirely on our actions today.”

You can help by sponsoring Stephen’s run: