An exciting and ambitious new wildlife series is soon to be transmitted on UK television, and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation are pleased to have assisted with the filming of some of the herpetological aspects of the series.  Wild Britain is both beautifully filmed and expertly edited and explores the rich diversity of habitats and species, both the familiar and the less well known, that occur throughout the British Isles.

The eight episode series was produced by Plimsoll Productions who enlisted the services of one of our Welsh officers and life-long sand lizard aficionado, Pete Hill, both on the coastal dunes of the Sefton coast and North Wales. 

Sand lizards were filmed at both locations and thanks to the local knowledge and expertise of our North Wales officer, Mandy Cartwright, natterjack toads were also caught on camera (despite the filming taking place fairly late in the season) at a site at which both sand lizards and natterjacks have been successfully reintroduced and are currently expanding their range.  

As well as assisting with the “Coastal” episode, Pete also guided the camera crew at a Southern heathland site at which Amphibian and Reptile Conservation have also successfully reintroduced sand lizards, and thanks to some of his colleagues in Surrey, smooth snakes were also filmed for the “Countryside” episode. 

The first episode of Wild Britain will be shown on the 6th of March 2018 at 9pm on Channel 5, and every Tuesday evening thereafter up until the 1st of May.  Don’t miss it!