Tadpole Hunter by Arnold Cooke

This book describes the history of amphibian conservation and research in Britain. It is packed with unique insights from the author who, in the late 1960s, was Britain’s first professional amphibian conservationist. At that time, the situation for amphibians was extremely serious after three decades of population decline. Up to the 1990s, Cooke was directly involved in understanding and trying to remedy the situation via research, legislation and active conservation. 

The book will appeal to a broad readership, from naturalists to professional herpetologists. Furthermore, this story will have relevance for amphibian conservation in other countries in light of their more recent widespread declines. It is also of interest to those wanting to know more about the development of wildlife conservation in Britain.


Arnold Cooke has packed a lot into more than half a century of both professional and private work with Britain’s frogs, toads and newts so Tadpole Hunter is a valuable reference. It is not only a personal memoir, but includes a huge amount of natural history and research information and provides a history of amphibian conservation in Britain up to the present day

- John Baker, Pool Frog Recovery Project Manager, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

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Product Details

- Author: Arnold Cooke

- Publisher: Pelagic Publishing

305 pages

- 106 colour photographs, 24 graphs and charts, 7 maps

- 32 tables

ISBN 9781784274481

BISAC SCI020000, SCI070010, NAT028000