Due to our skills, experience and knowledge base, ARC was appointed as Lead or Joint Lead Partner for all of the published amphibian and reptile Species Action Plans.

National action plans are no longer formally recognised by government, in line with the government’s revised approach to biodiversity. See our UK Biodiversity Action Plan page for more information.

Part of the role of the lead partners is the development and updating of Action Plans. ARC is currently (2016) revising these documents to help all involved with assisting these species. In the meantime, below you can find the latest PDF updates to the Species Action Plans:

Common toad: SAP (August 2009)

Great crested newt: Revised SAP (August 2009)

Natterjack toad Revised SAP (August 2009)

Pool frog Revised SAP (August 2009)

Rare reptiles (sand lizard and smooth snake) Revised SAP (March 2020)

Widespread reptiles (adder, grass snake, slow-worm & common lizard) SAP (August 2009)