Reintroductions and captive breeding

We work with government, wildlife charities, landowners, scientists and others when we undertake reintroductions. Read more

Saving species: Smooth snakes

ARC is currently finalising the Species Action Plan, monitoring and re-introduction plans to enhance the conservation status of this species. Read more

Saving species: Natterjack toads

ARC is in the final stages of producing an up to date Species Action Plan which will set out how we can increase the size and range of natterjack populations in the UK. Read more

Saving species: Sand lizards

The captive breeding programme involves a range of organisations including ARC, government agencies, volunteers, Marwell Wildlife, Chester Zoo and the Institute of Zoology. Read more

Saving species: Pool frogs

Originally there was much debate over the status of this species in the UK, but it has since been declared native. How this once extinct amphibian was reintroduced to East Anglia Read more

Saving species: Widespread species

Even though they are found in more places than the more restricted species such as natterjack toads, the widespread species often face problems. Read more

Species Action Plans (SAPs)

Due to our skills, experience and knowledge base, ARC was appointed as Lead or Joint Lead Partner for all of the published amphibian and reptile Species Action Plans. Read more

Great crested newt advice

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation has a range of advice designed to meet the conservation challenges. Read more