The following resources are intended for ARC volunteers who have received a protected species accreditation under ARC's organisational licence. If you are an 'ARC Natterjack Toad Surveyor', please provide your records via Living Record as instructed. If you are a National Amphibian & Reptile Recording Scheme (NARRS) volunteer, please follow the protocols provided and download your survey resources here:

ARC Protected Species Licensing & Volunteer Agreement Terms

ARC Volunteer Codes of Best Practice

ARC Volunteer Lone Workers Form

ARC Generic Risk Assessment for Working Outdoors

Amphibian Disease Precautions: A Guide for UK Fieldworkers

Lyme disease and tick advice (opens to external website: Lyme Disease Action)

ARC Species Recording Guidelines

ARC Species Record Form - FULL

ARC Species Record Form - SIMPLE

ARC Species Entry Spreadsheet

ARC Reptile Slough Gene Bank information

ARC Reptile Slough Gene Bank envelope label

ARC Privacy Policy