Size : 3.5 hectares

Ownership: ARC

Restrictions: Open Access Land, please keep dogs on a lead and keep to main paths. Horse riding and cycling is only permitted on statutory
bridleways. No camping or fires.

Access: Matchams Close, Christchurch

Grid ref: SU 13133 01400

Matchams House slope is a small reserve but an excellent spot to see the rare sand lizard.

The Reserve

Matchams House slope was purchased by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in 1998.
It consists of dry heath and deciduous woodland.

What to see

The lower south east aspect of the slope is mainly dry heath with patchy exposed sandy soil, making this an ideal area for sand lizards. Five out of the six native reptile species can be found here the only one being absent is the smooth snake. These are the sand lizard, the common lizard, the slow-worm, the grass snake and the adder. 

As the slope grades north and west the main habitat becomes scrub and mixed deciduous woodland.