Amphibian and Reptile Conservation's latest statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 08.08.2022

UK governments have now reduced or ended most legal obligations in the management of Covid 19 but are asking people at work, home or recreation to continue the principles of Social Distancing.

ARC remains committed to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians and our work continues, though we are now working a hybrid office/home system to minimise the risks posed by COVID-19. We continue to be contactable individually via e-mail or mobile and FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram. Alternatively please call 01202 391319.

Visiting ARC Reserves

Help us keep heathland wildlife safe! As custodians of your local wildlife help to look after what gives ARC reserves their unique character by keeping dogs on leads and respecting The Countryside Code.

Our reserves remain open for your recreation and enjoyment please still keep Social Distancing when visiting and help control Covid19.

Volunteers and surveyors

Volunteer tasks and survey activities are now fully up and running, with Social Distancing still in place. Please visit our volunteer and surveyors page for more information.

Training courses 

We are running both online events. and face to face  training modules thorough our projects and partnerships. It’s a great way to increase your knowledge of herpetology, at a pace and time that suits you.

Public events

We are running in person public events and guided walks in line with the voluntary Social Distancing arrangements; some events may still be online or have a virtual component. Event co-ordinators may get in touch to confirm which arrangements are in place. Please visit our public events page for further details.

We need your help

Please remain observant and report any fires or activities that you think may lead to fires please dial 999 – Support from local residents has always been an important part of looking after ARC reserves and we are relying on you now more than ever to be our eyes and ears on the ground.

Thank you!