8th Jan 2015

Blwyddyn newydd dda! (Happy New Year!) ARC are delighted to announce that our forthcoming “Dragonscapes” project – involving local communities in habitat creation and restoration, and monitoring of amphibians and reptiles across South Wales – has received support totalling £249,935 from the Big Lottery Fund People and Places grant scheme.

The project aims to re-engage the people of South Wales with the natural environment, providing them with opportunities to make a positive difference to the declining wildlife on their doorstep. These new experiences will encourage outdoor exercise, improve mental wellbeing and provide skills to help communities to live healthier happier lives in harmony with the natural world. This will include amphibian and reptile surveying/monitoring, improving their local patch for wildlife and working with nature to grow food for communities. The grant, over three years, will fund two full-time posts of Habitat and Species Officer, the purchase of a vehicle to transport equipment and volunteers to tasks, staff and volunteer expenses, training, marketing and monitoring & evaluation costs as well as equipment and lots of habitat creation and restoration!

ARC will build on our experience from other recent projects in Wales to ensure the Dragonscape remains a place where local communities can engage with biodiversity for generations to come! Thanks, Big Lottery Fund! Diolch yn fawr!