Since the launch of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) in 2009, our ARC Friends have been an invaluable part of the Trust. Their shared passion for the UK’s disappearing amphibians and reptiles has provided much needed core funds which have enabled us to carry out vital work to conserve these wonderful animals and their habitats. We have grown and changed a lot since then and we believe it is time for our supporters scheme to change too.

We are delighted that after a difficult period due to lockdown we are emerging back in to the field with some exciting updates and would like to announce our new ARC Membership scheme which launches on Monday 22nd November 2021.

From as little as £3 per month ARC Members will receive the ARC Members Welcome Pack including a copy of our new foldout amphibian and reptile identification guide (exclusive to ARC Members) and one of our popular ARC newt logo pin badges.

Members will also enjoy benefits such as discounts in the ARC online shop
and access to our new online Members Area.

This new area of the ARC website exclusively for our members includes:

  • an digital interactive ARC Reserve Handbook 
  • an interactive reserves map
  • a resources library – easily find videos, leaflets, advice notes, handbooks and more
  • our HopGossip! magazine archive
  • news, events and offers
  • and more coming soon!

and ARC Members will also continue to receive:

  • HopGossip! our members’ magazine (x2 per year)
  • ARC eNews (x6 per year)
  • ARC Members Day invitation
  • discount on ARC conference fees
ARC Members Day Herpetofauna Workers' Meeting

Amphibians and reptiles are disappearing across the world. In the UK, nearly all of our frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards have been hit hard in the last century. Some species which were once common are now undergoing widespread decline.

Without generous donations from our ARC Members, we could not:

  • Act to help reverse the declines in reptiles and amphibians in the UK.
  • Monitor trends in species and habitat status to inform conservation decisions.
  • Run captive breeding and reintroduction programmes for our rarest species.
  • Manage more than 80 nature reserves nationally to protect disappearing habitats.
  • Provide training and advice for landowners and land managers, planners and consultants, as well as the wider public.
  • Work closely with volunteers and community groups, offering them `hands on’ opportunities to conserve amphibians and reptiles.
  • Influence government legislation, to ensure that wildlife continues to be a priority and that UK policies better reflect the needs of amphibians and reptiles.

Our ARC Members play an important role in this effort, allowing us to focus on key conservation issues, and provide the much-needed interventions to save many of our native amphibians and reptiles.

Become an ARC Member from as little as £3 a month and help us give a voice to the UK's amphibians and reptiles - saving species, improving habitats and enhancing lives in the process.

Join today!

If you have any questions about the new ARC Membership scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].