If you live near an urban heathland you will be well aware of the devastation that can be caused by wildfires. Habitat can be destroyed, wildlife can be killed and properties and people can be threatened. They are also a massive drain on Fire Service resources.

The warm, dry and windy weather conditions at present are increasing the risk of wildfires and Fire Services nationally are on high alert.

Your vigilance now is more vital than ever. ARC staff are relying on your help as local site users; to keep eyes and ears open for signs of fire. Arson has often been the cause of heath fires but there is also a big risk from both garden and disposable barbecues and bonfires. Please stay alert if you are exercising or walking your dog on your local nature reserve.

If you see a fire or signs of fire please dial 999 and give as much location detail as you can.

If you are visiting your local nature reserve please observe social distancing protocol and keep yourself and others safe. Please also keep your dog on a lead at all times during this time of year when wildlife, particularly ground nesting birds, are vulnerable.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to seeing you out on site when this is over!