Species Champions

Some species have friends in high places … discover the Species Champions. Read more

Legislative protection for the UK’s herpetofauna

Wildlife legislation in the UK is complicated. Different legislation (and policy) has developed in the different countries of the UK. Read more

UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation is working with a range of initiatives to improve how biodiversity processes can benefit herpetofauna. Read more

Planning & Development

The planning system regulates how land use changes are decided, and can therefore have a major influence on reptile and amphibian conservation. Read more

Other policy work

On this page you will find links relating to our other policy work. Read more

Species Action Plans (SAPs)

Due to our skills, experience and knowledge base, ARC was appointed as Lead or Joint Lead Partner for all of the published amphibian and reptile Species Action Plans. Read more