Sand lizards require special sand dune and heathland habitats - but these have undergone serious changes in recent years. Help us to conserve these beautiful reptiles.

Having declined severely in the past, sand lizards are now rare species restricted to just a few areas of the UK, including Dorset, Merseyside, North Wales, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall.

ARC is leading the fight to save sand lizards by managing habitat, advising land owners and reintroducing them to sites where they have been lost.

ARC is dedicated to the conservation of amphibian and reptile species and the habitats on which they depend. Our vision is for a world where amphibians and reptiles can thrive in their natural habitats and society is inspired and committed to their conservation.

We can only achieve our mission with your help, and by making a donation today, you can help make our conservation goals a reality.

Conservation work to help sand lizards across the UK needs £60,000 in 2018-19. This is why the species needs your sponsorship!

So, what’s the problem? 

Habitat loss and habitat degradation affect many species, including sand lizards. We can help sand lizards by influencing land management and reintroducing them to places where they have disappeared, but all these solutions cost money.

We need to cover the costs of running captive breeding facilities, reintroduction projects, habitat conservation work in nature reserves, providing advice to landowners and policy makers, monitoring how species respond to our care, and the support functions that underpin these activities.  

In recent years there has been a dramatic reduction in funding to support conservation initiatives. Wildlife charities such as ARC must find new ways of generating essential funding to conserve our species and habitats – generous donations from individuals who care about their environment are an important part of this.  

How will your sponsorship help sand lizards? 

With your sponsorship ARC can carry out essential conservation activities. The prospects for sand lizards are improving. But much more needs to be done. You can give the sand lizard a brighter future!

Read about how donation are already helping us save the sand lizard!

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