Royal Mail launches a set of stamps celebrating reintroduced species today. Two of the six stamps feature species that ARC has led reintroductions for, and we were delighted to help Royal Mail with the sand lizard and pool frog stamp designs and associated information.

For the sand lizard, ARC co-ordinates a reintroduction programme that has brought the species back to many heathland and sand dune areas from which it was lost - indeed we returned this magnificent lizard to Wales in 1995 after it had entirely disappeared there. For the pool frog, our reintroduction has returned the species to England after it went extinct in the 1990s. ARC has led on releases of this charismatic frog to two sites in Norfolk.

With many animals and plants suffering declines, well-planned reintroductions can help with recovery. As well as the pool frog and sand lizard, the stamps featuring original illustrations by award-winning Wiltshire artist Tanya Achilleos Lock, show the osprey, beaver, large blue butterfly and stinking hawk's beard. These stamps highlight that conservation method can work. Yet reintroductions are complex and require a long-term commitment. ARC's work on reintroducing species could only have happened with the co-operation and support of a wide range of organisations and funders.

To help with our reintroductions, please look at our “sponsor a species” pages. Your support can make a real difference to the fortunes of these species.



For more on how we help threatened reptiles and amphibians, see our Saving Species pages.

You can buy the beautiful new stamps in post offices today, and order related products including postcards and a presentation pack in which ARC patron, Chris Packham gives a brief background on the efforts of conservationists to reintroduce spcies to their respective habitats. Order now from