Helping to save the adder in Scotland

ARC has secured funding to promote adder conservation in Scotland in 2020 from the R S Macdonald Charitable Trust. We will be providing a number of free events in Scotland in 2020, as part of an education and outreach programme designed to raise awareness of the need for adder conservation. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating species, or would be interested in taking part in a reptile survey training event, please check our events page or contact our Scottish Officer Dr Pete Minting via [email protected]

The adder is one of many UK species which has suffered a significant decline since the 1970s. It is already thought to have gone extinct in some counties of England and is declining rapidly in Wales and Scotland. Across the UK, the adder now has a very patchy distribution and the remaining populations are vulnerable to persecution and ongoing habitat loss.

The adder is the UK’s only native venomous snake and has suffered from a great deal of persecution. However, this persecution is unnecessary and it is possible to visit the countryside safely, where adders are present, if just a few precautions are taken, as described in leaflets available from ARC (see links below). Please help us to save the adder by learning how to stay safe, helping others to understand why they should be protected and by sending in your adder records to Record Pool.

Download our Adder leaflet:




You can also read our facts and advice on adder bites for more detailed advice.