slow-worm (legless lizard)

Slow-worm (legless lizard) 

Have you seen a snake in your garden this summer? Please let us know!

Snake populations are declining across the UK and gardens can be an important wildlife corridor between disappearing habitats. Having a grass snake or slow-worm (legless lizard) visit your garden is a rare wildlife treat! We’re interested in any sightings of snakes in gardens. Your observations will help us assess how snakes are faring. If you've been lucky enough to have a scaly visitor please don't forget to record your sighting!

To help with identification take look at our Identifying Britain’s Snakes poster below or the photo galleries on our snakes information pages. We also have some advice about non-native and escaped pet snakes. If you're still unsure please email us a photo and / or detailed description to [email protected], or post a photo to our Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #summersnakes.

Visit our snakes in gardens information page for advice on what to do if you find a snake in an unexpected place and how you can encourage native snakes to visit. 

When recording your sighting please add
"Summer Snake Stocktake 2019" to the comments!

Download Identifying Britain’s snakes: a poster to help you decide which kind of snake you’ve spotted!