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Proactive Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in South Wales

In 2012, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) were pleased to announce the start of a new and dynamic project based in South Wales.

The new project is focused on grass-roots proactive habitat creation and was funded through the Welsh Government’s Ecosystem Resilience and Diversity Fund which is administered by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), now Natural Resources Wales (NRW). In particular, the project aims were to address colony isolation, linking populations by creating further suitable habitat.

The project involved:-

  • The mapping of Important Herpetofauna Areas (IHAs) in South Wales and identification of key connecting habitats and areas for habitat creation/improvement to recreate linkages between BAP species populations.
  • The creation of linkage habitats for herpetofauna in target areas of South Wales to reconnect populations. This will help buffer these populations against environmental change and increase landscape connectivity.
  • The second year of this project is nearly finished and it is hoped to secure further funding in the very near future to continue this important work.